Groundhog….You are SO fired!

It is funny to blame the groundhog for this crazy weather we are experiencing. We should just sit back and enjoy it because come July, you know we will be talking about the snow at Easter.

Take time to enjoy what Mother Nature has given us. It is a reminder we do need to slow down and not expect to be able to plant tomato plants in March. In the meantime, there are lots of things you can do! Cool crops can be planted like radishes, peas, lettuce, kale, collards, carrots, etc. You can plant potatoes and onions. You can plan your garden space. Scope out your local garden centers with what they will be carrying.

Build a cold frame with straw bales and glass windows.

Here is an entire pinterest page dedicated to straw bales and gardening:

Love the afghan on the “straw seat”!

So we shall give the groundhog a reprieve and not rely on such a furry animal to predict our weather next winter?


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