You Can Grow That! apples…yum…yum

You Can Grow That!

You Can Grow That!

Today is kickoff for You Can Grow That Blog post that at least monthly on the fourth of the month – four powerful words: You Can Grow That!

I will share what you can grow. This all started with an idea from C.L. Fornari (this is her personal website: and promoting gardening and growing. It is a simple yet powerful idea.

So, today, let’s talk apples and if you know anything about me, you know I love apples and all things fruit. Even my email address screams apples (eatmoreapples at aol dot com).  The picture posted above is a Macintosh apple. They are a delightful and tasty apple coming in the end of August depending on where you are in this world. If picked at the right time, you can make the best applesauce!

Apples can be planted almost anytime, they do need some care but for the most part, they are pretty easy to have a few apples trees in your yard. They give you year round interest. Beautiful flowers in the spring, tasty fruit in the summer and fall and of course some great fall color & cover for the birds!

Most apples need a pollinator that is not the same tree that you want. So, two Fujis will not make any apples but plant a Fuji & a Gala, you will be eating lots of apples!

We fence the apple trees when they are small so the deer and rabbits don’t destroy them until they are big enough to fend them off. Fertilizing and staking when planted are also done! So, how about start planning the spot where your next apple tree will be or two! I can just taste the yummy and fresh taste from my apple tree!

Remember, You Can Grow That! Just get out in the garden and do it!


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