Sandy blew on by…

We were lucky, real lucky the damage we sustained was extremely minimal. We are very thankful for being spared.


Just lean a little to the left and it will look all better. Now to figure out how to fix this flagpole. We finally lost the tree in the driveway. I have been dreaming of a treehouse office but I guess it was just not meant to be. Three strikes and you are out. It all started a year ago with our Halloween Snow Storm of 2011, then came Derecho in June 2012, now Sandy has done her in. We will get her cleaned up, compost what we can, use the rest for firewood. She will have new life. Now what do we do with the empty spot. We did a little covert planning that we did not even know we had done. Behind our special tree (this is the ONE tree I saved from the construction of the garden center, power pole got moved back a little bit, parking spaces moved to the right a bit, electrical conduit moved down the hill. You get the idea.)

Back to the covert planting er planning. Well, in our first year, there was a river birch that decided it needed to stay here. So he shed all of his leaves and no matter how much water I gave him, it just was never enough so, we planted him, first by the rain garden which we decided wasn’t where we needed him. We then moved him behind HER. Well, it was the right decision, he leafed out again and began to thrive, it is now almost 4 years later and he has grown, what a great covert planting we managed to plan!



Look to the right and you will see him, Mr. Birch, thriving and ready to take the place of honor of special tree!



2 thoughts on “Sandy blew on by…

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