Have you Hugged your Pollinators today?

We have all seen the “have you hugged your ___________ fill in your cause” bumper stickers.  I would like to see one for Pollinators because without pollinators (you know the winged insects that help us eat?), we would be hungry and starving. We need pollinators for over 75% of our food needs.  Depends on what you eat. We eat a lot of fruits and veggies. So we need pollinators.


I was reading this blog from the Chesapeake Club http://plantmoreplants.com/blog/blog.cfm?bid=2012-06-19-13-06-06-64807 all about pollinators and how this is National Pollinator Week.  Just like Julie said,

But one week a year isn’t enough to devote attention to pollinators. Their contributions to our lives — and entire ecosystems — are too important.

She is right. So right. So what are we going to do about it.

Easy simple things you can do every day and help others to do:

When you see an insect, your first instinct might be to go into Navy Seal KILL MODE. Stop, think, then, help the insect out of your office, you car or your space. Just walk away.

Secondly, look at your garden pharmacy. (You know that shed that still has stuff your grandpa gave you when you were 9 that still has that funny smell).  Stop using it. Dispose of it properly. Don’t flush it down the toilet (this ends up in the streams and the bay). This link is where commercial pesticide operators take care of their waste. http://www.vdacs.virginia.gov/pesticides/disposal.shtml  Start using more beneficial insect friendly methods. We can help you with this one.

Next, stop using phosphates.  (So what does this have to do with the pollinators) Well simple: phosphates are bad bad bad and more bad.  It is the link to the fish kills and the algae blooms in the bay and our rivers.  If we have cleaner water, the pollinators have cleaner water. Better for everyone.

Finally, plant more plants.  Increase your plants in your pollinator gardens. Don’t have a pollinator garden, don’t have room?  I bet you do.  Just one plant of Calamint or Nepeta ‘Walker’s Low’ will give you lots of pollinators to watch over the entire spring to fall season.  There, you have just help celebrate pollinators more than just a week!

Go, be a pollinator advocate or if you drink coffee, take a drink, enjoy!


One thought on “Have you Hugged your Pollinators today?

  1. Excellent advice…. I would add that the recent Monsanto debacle is hopefully making more people aware of the fact that our food supply is being poisoned and that we really need to look at who, meaning agribusinesses like Monsanto, are being backed by our politicians in DC and vote accordingly. I would love to see bans on some of these chemicals that are still in our stores and the hands of many farmers.

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