Calling all Seedlings!!

It is getting to be that time of year when all of the seed catalogs have piled up and become dog eared and we are itching to get our spring crops in. Well never fear, it is that time to start some seedlings or at least be planning your spring garden.  

Lots of veggies can be started indoors.  We will be getting our seeds coming in and ready for our February 20th open date!  Any special requests, let us know and we will gladly make sure they arrive safely to the greenhouse.

Cool season veggies can be started now and in the coming weeks.  Beginning of March is a great time to start your herbs indoors like parsley, thyme and sage.  Also a great time to start sowing snow peas, beets, carrots, lettuce outdoors in your garden.  If the nights get too cool, just give them a blankie for the night! 

Any questions on seed starting, just let us know because we are here to help!  We have to start the hot peppers because it takes 40 DAYS to germinate the hottest of them.  We WILL have an even hotter pepper than the Ghost Pepper this year.  Get on the list, it will be limited in numbers!Image


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