Spring Cleaning Well Yes it is winter still

I have been on a cleaning and organizing frenzy. It all started with a small little box and has escalated from there.  The fridge here at the garden center is sparkly new, my socks in the sock drawer are all organized, box of ribbon and all the Christmas items – neatly wrapped up & stored in their respective boxes.  My desk was briefly clean for 24 hours. I am working on keeping it clean each week, will work down from there to by the day!

Now on to tackle the greenhouse and get it scrubbed and sanitized. That starts next week.  Everything gets cleared out of the house and the cleaning begins.  We have to have it cleaned because in about 4 short weeks we start our biological program.  Whereas, insects will do the job of those chemicals I dread.  We are going to make nature work for us instead of us against nature.  It is labor intensive but so worth it in the end!

So what are your resolutions?


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