Eight Best Gifts for Your Favorite Gardener

1. Miniature Gardening Kit – filled with delightful miniature accessories and plants plus locally made items!

2. Plant tags – mark their favorite plants permanently so they will always know what they have.

3. Rain Barrel Kit to make their own rain barrel and conserve water!

4. Felco Pruners & Saw – you will never replace them in your lifetime. Worth the investment. Don’t forget the leather holster. Keeps them on your hip and not in your flower beds.

5. Leafgro Compost Scoop. What more could you do for the plants than to spread compost around your flower and veggie beds.

6. Gardening Books – one can never have too many books on gardening. I am sure we have hundreds of them and we use them for reference all the time.

7. West Coast Gardening Gloves. They are made out of a recycled plastic bottle. Great for dirty work in the garden. Variety of colors and sizes!

8. Treegators ™ – keep the trees watered. Two different sizes that will work with all trees and puts either 14 or 20 gallons of water on at one time!


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