Small Business Saturday

I have been inspired to update our blog per my friend, Jay Williams, who owns Emerald City Gardens in Seattle, Washington.  It is a great little place to find the perfect plant and gift. So, if you ever find yourself  in Seattle, this is a must see place.  Tell them we sent you there. He will laugh and treat you like royalty.

And speaking of royalty, don’t you think it is about time to shop at places where you do feel like royalty. Where they know you by name or remember that your kid had a soccer game last week.  When you ask if they can order you a special something, you don’t feel like you are asking for permission to have a sitdown with the Pope.

So, American Express last year came up with Small Business Saturday to help out the small businesses that actually fuel this economy!  Did you know that almost 80% of the jobs today are through small businesses.  Spend $10 locally, $6.80 stays in our local economy, spend the same at a box,, only $4.30 stays here whereas spending it online does absolutely nothing for our local economy.

There is a project we support that costs us nothing to do so but it does remind all of us to think about where we shop and how we as individuals can have a POSITIVE impact on our local economies.  The 3/50 project (see link here) is simple:

Pick 3 Locally Owned Businesses Per Month

Spend $50 between the three of them in that Month

Thus saving our local economy.  Think about it.  Need a gift for a friend’s birthday or want something for yourself? There are so many shops around here where you can get a great gift not only here at Natural Art but some really awesome stores like King Street Art Works or People’s Drug Store in Strasburg (did you know that Ruth Dryer has pottery at People’s Drug? We have bought many of her pieces for gifts – or that KSAW has jewelry and Christmas Ornaments)  How about Woodstock – got a foodie in your life, you must go to The Market and get some of their pies and bulk food.  Yummy treats.  Locally Made. What more do you want.  These are just a few of the places that we shop.

I hope you will think about shopping more locally the next time you need something.  I know if each of us talked about this to our friends and family, we really can make a BIG difference!



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