Miniature Gardening is for all ages

Abbey with her mini garden

Miniature Garden by Abbey

This is Abbey and her miniature garden she made all by herself.  The adults had to show restraint and let her do it on her own.  She waited patiently while I talked about mini gardens and how to create them. Had to learn about scale, how to make a path and real patio, how to get the soil just right, placement of accessories, and so much more. When I finally stopped talking, Abbey got right to work. First she picked out what accessories she wanted, then she put in her house and pond.  Had to build up the area around the pond so she added sand by the spoonful, then the rocks. She added the bird bath and planted the hen and chick.  Next she decided she did want a path after all, she wanted it to be the real thing.  So, we had to add the sand and make the edging just right. We recycled an old plant sign for the edging.  She then added the patio mix and placed the rocks.  She used the purple Rainbow Mix rocks.  She misted it and was ready to go.  She added the back the house and viola – all done!  She did a super job!


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