When something just isn’t right….

Almost everyone I know has killed a plant.  Maybe it was because of too much water or we got too busy and forgot to water.  Could be the neighbor’s dog thought it was a fire hydrant.  There are a number of reasons why plants do not survive.  But the main reason goes back to watering.  I cannot stress enough that you have to water and water right.  Even if we get rain, it might not be enough.  Think of it this way, when it is pouring rain and you are near a grove of trees, where do you go for cover?  Yep, the grove of trees will provide enough shelter to not get too wet.  So, all that water pouring out of the sky is not getting to their root zones.  This is a great lesson in how to water, roots want water not leaves.  Yes, you can foliar fertilize (spray fertilize on the leaves of plants early in the morning) but that still does not provide enough water for survival.  We do not want just survival, we want thrival (yep new word to thrive enough further – just made it up!)

I am a firm believer that the hardest job here at the garden center is the water person.  It is repetitive and sometimes even we, the experts, miss one of the 8,239 plants that live here and it struggles for a bit.  We are all not perfect and that is okay.  We do strive to make our plants look at their best and that is through constant monitoring, watering properly, examining problems and executing solutions.

I always state that plants do not die overnight, it is a long drawn out process.  They will hold on to the bitter end.  They will not go quietly into that good night.  They want us to care for them and feed and water them.  So, if you haven’t checked your plants in a while, please do so, they will love you more for it!  And if you ever have a question or need help, please call, send a smoke signal, email, whatever it takes to find out the solution!


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