Helping Friends of the North Fork

A week ago we hosted the Strasburg Veggie & Rain Garden Tour at Craig Morris & Mike Marcheterre’s home.  The event’s proceeds were donated to Friends of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River.  We raised $175 (got them a few new members too) and it will be used to further the cause of keeping the North Fork clean and healthy for all of us.  It was a great event, we had wine from Mountain View Vineyards in Strasburg and music by Ben and Dana.  Even the news showed up (unexpectedly).  Here is the story!  There is also a video to watch as well.

Thank you to everyone that attended and enjoyed the evening.  We could not have had such a successful event without you.

We have heard from some that couldn’t make it and I am working on doing a private garden tour for smaller groups that would do the whole property with details and photo history.  If you are interested, please let me know so we can set up a great new tour program!



One thought on “Helping Friends of the North Fork

  1. It truly was a wonderful garden and I came home and did some clean up in my own from the inspiration. Great news for FNFSR and good for you for the river promotion. I’d like to post the story on the website. Will try and get it on there today. More good publicity for you and for clean water.

    Thanks Lynne. You are a great resource!

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