Yes, Virginia, we do have great customers

Well, it does happen from time to time, you get that panicked phone call from a customer, “hey there looks to be a sketchy character at your gates.  They look to be climbing over your gate.”

My response, “Seriously, climbing over the gate?”

Customer states, “yes, and they’re on a bicycle.”

“Can you repeat that? You said bicycle and they appear to be breaking in”

Customer replies with “oh yes, he has red gloves on”

At this point, I am dumbfounded. First who in the world would want to climb our gates and then to be on bicycle.  Secondly, who would think climbing our gates would be a good option, they are like eight and a half feet tall. Yep, they are that tall.  More so to keep the critters out but it is a good security measure.

So, the customer turns around and heads down Route 11 in search of our bicycle bandit.  He is found, appears to be riding a yellow bike with bike helmet and heading away from the garden center.

Got to call the Sheriff’s Department.  This is way too strange.  One of our employees goes in search of the Bicycle Bandit, then Scott gets in on the action.  Aha, they have found him.  They sit in wait, waiting for him to pass.  Turns out the Sheriff’s department found him too.  Also turns out, it was the guy who made our signs taking pictures on a Sunday morning before we opened because I gave him a hard time about not having our pictures up as we have a great sign!!  He said he has had more people stop him on his bicycle than he could have ever imagined.

We all got a great laugh out of this at the expense of the “Bicycle Bandit”!

Thanks to our great customers who continue to look out for us in so many ways!


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