So, yes, here it is. A new word or not so new to us that use it.  Tonight, we got to enjoy some of our landscaping that happened to be a snack in the form of a luscious blueberry.  It was so yummy delicious. I  had to share a pic of our harvest for tonight’s dessert!

Snackscaping with berries

Snackscaping with blueberries

Instead of planting Azaleas or some other shrub, we planted blueberry bushes and have plans for adding more in the form of Raspberries. I love raspberries. I could eat pounds each night. I can eat them until my tummy hurts.  There is nothing so fabulous as fresh fruit.  The one thing we did figure out with planning out our snackscaping is to have it close to where you are. Putting it on the other side of your property from your house will not benefit you in the long term.  If they are front and center, you will enjoy your snacks all the more!  Enjoy the snacks!


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