Planning your vegetable garden

The weather seems to think spring is here for the moment.  Which in turn makes us think it is time to get plants in the gardens.  But all this requires some planning and preparation.  Time to get the thinking cap on and get the pencil sharpened.  Writing down what you are going to do and coming up with an actual plan helps you actually execute the plan and be quite successful.  So, let us think about what we want to accomplish.  We want fresh vegetables to eat, maybe can, or keep for long term storage.  I know it is very easy to get caught up in the seed starting and planting with no plan but it is very important to write down what you want to get done and how.

So here are a few tips to do so.  Come up with your dream list of vegetables and flowers.  It can be pages long.  Now come up with a second list, what is truly realistic.  You really cannot fit 30 different types of tomatoes in three 4′ x 8′ raised beds.  But you can fit at least 8 varieties (very carefully).  Next you want a map of your gardens.  An easy thing to do is get graph paper and draw the beds on it with one square equals one foot.  If you are working on a square foot garden and it is small, you can do 4 squares equal s a foot.  Once you have a drawing completed.  Make copies.  This will help you in the future when you are rotating your crops and want to change out something.  Keep the master in a special place.  And if you are like me, don’t forget where you put it.

Great Example of a Garden Plan!

Get ready to add your realistic plants to your paper drawing.  This will help keep your garden in perspective.  If you are not sure about spacing, check out this link here.  Virginia Tech has come up with a great guide with this document. I hope you will take the time to read over it and keep it as a reference tool.  It also has a sample drawing of an intensive garden plot.

This will get you started and if you need help planning, we are here to help, anytime!

Happy Gardening!



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