Signs to be seen!

The new signs are up. What a chore it was to put them up.

We are open for spring. Come see the new signs.

I was given specific instructions from Scott because his back has a herniation and I really wanted to get the signs up. So, I arrive home a few weeks ago with detailed drawings and instructions. Step by step leading me through the process of putting up the background boards to attach the signs later.

So, Ray Baker (one of our wonderful friends) helped me out on a Sunday along with Bianca (cause she stopped by and I won’t turn away free help.)  After seven hours of measuring and cutting and measuring again before cutting, we got it up and ready for the signs to be installed.

Then the track and letters came in and that was a whole other production trying to get one inch wide 10 feet long plastic strips to be level and straight. Oh fun, Scott and Ray tackled that this past Sunday and on Monday, we were in the sign business.  I hope you will be able to find us a little easier with the new much bigger permanent signs.  Just stop on by.

Happy Gardening!





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