Phil said spring was coming early…..

Didn’t he? Well, I woke up to snowing in Ohio (I am here making arrangements for my Grandma who had a nasty fall last week).  I don’t know if I could look at this white stuff for another entire winter like last year but snow does go into our ground water table.  They do say for every inch of snow is like getting 12 inches of rain. Not sure who came up with that number or how to calculate it but, it sounds “good”.

A warm front is sliding through most of the country this coming week and I know people are going to be itching to get outside. Just remember to stretch, don’t overdo it, and make a plan of action. I know we have a list a mile long of all the things that need to be done at the garden center and at home.  The list gets longer by the day.  Eventually it will all get done just in time to add to the list and start this maddening cycle all over again.

I don’t know if I could live in a one season climate either cold & colder or hot & hotter.  I love the change in the seasons but sometimes the cold does get to me especially when it lingers.  It will hopefully linger only a little bit this spring!  I think spring is only 5 weeks away!


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