Why Did It Snow?

By Scott Edmondson

On January 23, 2003, it snowed 15 inches in Salvo, North Carolina. My significant other, Lynne, was very cold and knitted a scarf. The scarf has kept her warm in the years since. Fast forward to December 28, 2010, Elizabethan Gardens hosted their first annual Christmas Light show. We enjoyed it so very much as she was getting into the truck not knowing she dropped the scarf. We got back to Salvo to find, no scarf. So, we called Elizabethan Gardens for three days to see if anyone had returned the scarf. No such luck, Lynne was extremely heartbroken.

In the days since losing the scarf, she has talked about having to knit a new one and hoping that whoever has it is enjoying it. On Saturday, January 23, 2011, we went to Elizabethan Gardens for their yard sale. We hear on the radio one to two inches of snow on Hatteras Island and did not think anything of it.

Shrinking snow

Lost a few inches of snow today.



We continue on our adventure, stopping in a number of shops, going to lunch and then, to Dare Challenge Thrift Shop. Hanging up

Scott in Salvo Snow

Snow fell in Salvo 2011

in the scarf section is Lynne’s lost scarf. The guys were great after hearing the story they gave Lynne back her scarf free of charge. Lynne is smiling from the luck of it. As we are heading back to Salvo at 5:15 pm, there is a dusting of snow in Southern Nags Head but as we get closer to Whalebone Junction the snow turns into blizzard conditions. After we cross Bonner Bridge at Oregon Inlet, even worse. We could only travel 20 miles per hour with blowing wind and snow flying in all directions. After almost two hours, we arrive safely

Lynne In Beach Snow

Lynne in Beach Snow

in Salvo with 11 inches of snow on the ground and the scarf.


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