Recycle Your Christmas Tree

So there are a few ways to recycle your Christmas Tree after the holidays instead of just throwing it away.  Make sure you take off all the ornaments, tinsel, and anything else you put on the tree.  The tree should be free and clear of everything but the tree and that it has not been flocked (treated to keep it fresh – our trees have not been flocked)  Here are some options on how to recycle your tree.

1.  Recycle to your local county transfer station.  Here in Shenandoah County, they will grind it up and turn it into mulch.  Some localities actually have street pickup, check with your locality to find out.  Shenandoah County Residents can call 540-984-8573 and see what their holiday hours are.

Here is a link for Strasburg click here.  Woodstock Residents go here.  Edinburg Residents check here to give your maintenance department a call.  Arlington click here.

2.  Do you have a pond?  Well did you know that you can build habitat for your pond friends?  Yes, you can.  You can cut up the tree or just sink it in your pond.  If you don’t have a pond give your Natural Resource office a call and see if they have a program to recycle trees for building habitat?

3.  Live near the beach?  Most beach towns will recycle the tree to the restoration of beach shorelines.  Corolla, North Carolina does this and so do a number of localities.

These are just a few of the options that you can do to recycle your Christmas Tree and provide habitat, shelter, or erosion control.

Have a Happy New Year!!



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