Tucking away the wee little ones for a long winter’s nap

Well, this week we spent (or rather ME) moving plants from their retail tables to their winter homes in the cold frames in the nursery yard.  I have almost all the perennials moved.  They also got a shot of fertilizer, weeded, and their tops got a haircut.  This is in case we have an early spring and they pop before I open the houses completely, they are ready for a new do!

Skylar & Ronnie came in today to help take down the shade cloth and move the remainder of the perennials and start on the shrubs.  Now the shade cloth is wrapped up, tied up and tagged so come next spring when it is ready to throw it up again, we know the big ones from the little ones and where they go!  They are also put into bags so they don’t get dusty.  This was a big chore.  Now I need to find a bag for the bungee cords to be put into.  Only 8 more cloths to go. Not sure when we will get the ones inside the green house down but I think I need to do it before Tuesday.

We are getting ready for Christmas trees, garland and poinsettias to arrive this week.  We have to flip tables, get their new legs set, move crates, rearrange the patio area to get ready for the wreaths and all kinds of Christmas.  I have some new lights that need to go up, so I will attempt to tackle that tomorrow or Monday.

We have to get a number of baby plants bumped up to the next size pot for spring.  I will be busy for a while as there is always something to do.  Speaking of something to do, we have a number of volunteers that like to pop by and help out from time to time.  It is always fun to see the joy they get from helping others. I know their help always makes my day easier.  So, if you ever have an hour or two to spare and you want to stop by and help out, you are always welcome to!


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