Buy Fresh, Buy Local

It is as simple as it gets.  Buy from local farms and shops, you will get fresher and most likely better quality food and products.  So, our local campaign is kicking off with a great idea.  It is the Eat Local Challenge, click here.  Find and eat as many local foods as possible during Virginia’s Farm-to-School Week, November 8 – 15th!  We can really do this.  I already have eggs, chicken, sausage, tomatoes, beans lined up for the challenge.  We usually eat lots of local produce and food.  I hope you will try to join in on the Eat Local Challenge.  If each of us spends just $10 each week in locally produced food whether it is a dozen of eggs or a bottle of wine, we can help each other be healthier, have a better connection with our food, our farmer and the land.  Just try it, you might like it.


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