Ouch I have fallen and broken my arm.

So, there was this post about “I can’t find a good gardener” over here at Yard Fairy (someone I follow on twitter, here)

Here is my response to her post about the real cost of landscaping/gardening wages.  Excellent post, thank you for sharing.  It is a problem all over the country.  One thing here in Virginia, if you hire a “person” who does not have the proper insurance let’s say liability and workman’s compensation, then, you as the homeowner are liable for that person’s insurance needs.  So, if said “worker” falls down and breaks his arm while doing work for you, your homeowner’s insurance would be liable for the “worker’s” hospital bills.  Go figure.  So, hiring someone doesn’t sound so expensive.

What I find interesting is that people that own their own companies that sells a service or provides a product does not want to hire a professional to handle their landscaping and gardening needs.  They want a skilled but unlicensed person that “costs” less.  But do they really cost less.  In terms of taxes and wages, we are not contributing back if we do it “under” the table.  If they get hurt on your property, you will end up paying more and the job isn’t done.


She hit it spot on about the true cost of labor.  I think we are very close to those numbers.  It does speak volumes about what it costs a professional to perform the job you need them to do.  You wouldn’t hire a kid off the street to rewire your house, why would you do the same for an investment in your home, like your landscaping or gardens?

I have to have special insurance here at the garden center because it is retail.  I have to protect the business against someone falling and breaking their arm.  I have theft and damage insurance because of the nature of retail, there are people who steal, it is not right and I think it would be appropriate to take something of value from the thief if you found them out but usually you won’t.  By taking their valuable object, they might not steal again.  There are no reasons for stealing.  If you need food, ask, I am sure someone will give you food.  We are a generous people but just don’t take advantage.

I have to have workman’s compensation if one of my employees gets hurt.  So all of this is factored into the price of the plant or service.  It is a cost of doing business just as paying taxes.



One thought on “Ouch I have fallen and broken my arm.

  1. This is a good reminder, Lynne…I have had a home-based business for over 20 years and have always had insurance in case a customer hurt themselves on our property. I also insist on vendors who work in and around my home to be licensed and bonded. It’s a good investment.

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