Waking up crickets.

You have heard me speak, preach, talk, and teach about buying and dealing with locally owned companies.  I think the key to improving our economy is reinvigorating mainstreet.  If we can spend our dollars within the community, most of those dollars will stay in the community.  Think about it.  If I spend $1.00 at the local hardware, over 70 cents of that dollar stays here in the form of jobs, taxes, products, etc.  If spend that same dollar at a big blue or orange store, that local money shrinks quickly to around 30 cents which is mainly labor and 5 cents for taxes, only 1 cent of the 5 stays in the county for taxes.  The rest of the dollar gets shipped to Arkansas and then on to China because well, it is owned mainly by China.

I have no problem with China and how they run their government but they want equal access to our ports with chicken, apples, etc.  Do you know how crazy that sounds?  Why are we importing chicken when we have many many chicken farms here.  How many people would willingly eat a chicken raised in China?  A place where in the months leading up to the Olympics, they had to halt truck traffic to reduce their emissions to appease the Olympic committee.  I am sure they have not fixed their pollution which in turn makes me think they have dirty chicken.  My problem comes in when a country who wants to appear friendly, really isn’t but wants to be communist or socialist but is really a capitalistic county.  It is all about money.

So, back to my original point.  I really believe if we want to thrive, everybody needs a purpose.  Each of us needs a job to do to contribute and make the world a better place. I think we need manufacturing but we need better ideas, better items to produce, just make it better.  I am hearing and reading alot about you must be an artist, you need to be a linchpin, you need to do this or that.  Okay, alright, we get it.  Yes, there are people that need to be artist but there need to be people that deliver newspapers, drive buses, build machines, make coffee.  All of these jobs are important.  A few years ago, I had this thing about counting how many people it took to get through my day versus other people.  You see, I don’t drink coffee, I don’t stop and pick up a donut and coffee but there are those that do that in the morning.  So, if you thought about it, how many people does it take to get through your day?  Electric, TV man, milkman, breadman, water guy, newspaper writer, printer, deliver, farmer, etc.  You get the idea, but think about it.

There was an article I read today in Advertising Age about the failure of green marketing.  Isn’t the plant business the original green business?  Of course it is but sometimes we miss the ball, it goes flying by us.  Anyway, Sun Chips is stopping their new eco bags because people complained about how noisy the bag was.  I can’t believe people are such whiners.  The last paragraph was the best. CLICK HERE TO READ IT.  It definitely speaks to the masses in our decisions, do you want your children to be piled under all this garbage.  Sun Chips had a great idea, they just needed a better PR firm.  If you educate them, they will get it, eventually.  We all know smoking is bad but there are those that still smoke.  It is their choice, just don’t expect me to light one up.  But we do need to be smarter about our packaging.  Which is something we are looking into with our perennials and annuals we grow personally.  We are going to see if we can contract grow all of our commercial account annuals in plantable/biodegradable pots.  We will see if they are noisy enough to wake up the crickets.


3 thoughts on “Waking up crickets.

  1. Thanks, Sid, it is personal but some have forgotten that! Thanks for the reinforcement. When I see an item “I” want for the store, I have to think of “how many people” are really going to buy this. It doesn’t pay to have it if no one else wants it but “me”.

  2. I think that most people don’t think in terms of how they are impacting anything, even with all the “so called green” PR that is going on. I get the feeling that it is as if they want someone else to do it so they can still drive their big cars and have all their “things”. I, personally have not shopped at Walmart in over 7 years. My husband was amused at a comment he read in the local paper about the guy that robbed the bank in Woodstock a couple weeks ago that someone said “it was due to the economy” and then they followed that up with, “look at Ben Franklin’s”. The thing is, the economy didn’t close Ben Franklin’s, Walmart did. The economy had nothing to do with it.

    I had this Facebook conversation a couple of months ago ….

    Kara Williams Atwell ……Why aren’t you shopping at Walmart?

    Susie Morgan Wilburn …….Many reasons, Chinese products, no insurance for their employees, no advancement for the women that work there, abuse of hourly employees, employees expected to spend their paychecks at that store, closing local business with their “one stop shopping” & Poor quality stuff.

    Steve Shaffer….. Well said Suzie… also, over 70% of YOUR dollars spent in a locally owned business STAY in your community as opposed to less than 40% spent at WalMart! They come into your community, offer sub standard products for cheap prices and take your money back to Arkansas with much of it going to China! We haven’t shopped in WalMart in years and am alive and well!

    Steve Shaffer owns Blue Canoe Crew in Woodstock. He and his wife just made the decision to downsize their house to approx. 400 sq ft. just to help them save money and to help reduce their footprint. I’m not sure I could go that small but I really admire them for their effort. And as a small business owner he also sees the impact of the Chinese products.

    My point is, that there seems to be only a few of us that are making the effort and when you point out to someone even small changes they could make that seem to think you are trying to make their life harder. You don’t want to make their life harder do you? HA! Those noisy sunchip bags were really a bother to someone and the squeaky wheel always gets the grease.

    It is like the saying that “no one worries about water until the well runs dry”

    We try to stay within a 100 mile radius to our house. If I can’t find what I need in that size area then maybe I don’t really need the thing in the first place. But Walmart is never in my loop…

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