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So, I have been working on this new newsletter off and on for the last few days.  Well, I decided, I needed to look at other services.  I have been working with Constant Contact but it isn’t working for me.  I want to change with the seasons but it won’t keep my formatting to use a different background.  Too rigid.  So, I am running around mail chimp trying to figure that out.  This brings me back to when I did the emails by direct email and it was much simpler for me.  I do like knowing how many opened it, and all the stats going with the “services” offered by the newsletter guys.  But, why does it have to be complicated.  I want click and dragging, not open, this, save this, trash this.  Just click it, drag it, done.

Now I must get back to it and get the newsletter out.


2 thoughts on “Working on newsletter

  1. Hey Lynne,
    Friends is considering Wild Apricot. My brother-in-law is a writer and uses them also so I don’t think it is JUST for non profits. I have just read some reviews of it but I think it is reasonably priced. Friends uses Kintera at the moment but it is anything but user friendly and when Leslie wants to send out emails it is really cumbersome and doesn’t always hold the formatting that she puts on the document. Here is a review link…

    Not sure this will help but I will keep you posted when we switch, which, I think, is soon. They are looking at the issue of transferring all the info that we currently have to the new site and how easy that will be. I really don’t want to have to rebuild the entire thing from scratch.

    The home link is probably just

  2. I told you wrong. We use Network Solutions & Kintera for Friends internet stuff. The Network solutions is the website and we connect it to Kintera to collect donations and register people for events like the fish fry. Both are much too rigid for my taste. We went with them to give Cindy and Leslie access to the site so they could update things too. That way if I don’t have time, they can do it. I used to have the site on my mac but no one else could do it and that was a pain.

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