Time flies and watering is still there

It has been a busy morning with all the customers getting mums and gift certificates and last minute gifts for a wedding we helped do the landscaping and decorating for….I just got done with morning watering the mums.  It will be soon time to turn around and water them again.

So, how much do you water?  To find out how much water you are giving your plants, grab a bucket, a watch with a second hand and your hose.  You are going to time how long it takes you to fill up your bucket using your normal pressure and watering wand.  Once you have that figured out, then you will know how much water you are watering your plants.  Perennials can use a couple of gallons a day when it is dry and hot, just check the soil first before watering if you are not sure.  As plants will display the same signs for lack of water as too much water: wilt and dry looking leaves, you have to check the soil to see if they need water.

Go on out and give them a look and see if they need a drink!


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