It’s Superman?

Have you seen them this summer?  It’s a Hummingbird, no, it’s Superman, no it’s a MOTH.  Seriously?  Yes, they are.

Look here for more details and take the test.

Yes, we have seen so many of them here and all over the Butterfly Bushes.

Moths Interesting little creatures and they are very abundant here at the garden center.


3 thoughts on “It’s Superman?

  1. I LOVE “hummingbird moths” (as we call them). They aren’t that easy to photograph, either — good job! The number of butterflies has started to drop on our farm, but we still see a few of these guys.


  2. I call them that as well. Interesting to hear all the different names!! I think the butterflies are starting their migrations south and we should be seeing less of them over the next few weeks but with the daytime temps still staying up there, I don’t know, it might confuse them a bit!

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