Roses and The Bottom Line

So, back in the spring (see link), I talked about the disaster brewing at Jackson & Perkins. Amazing what a few months will bring. Bankruptcy. So, Jackson & Perkins along with Park Seeds will be on the auction block soon.

I would imagine Weeks and several other of the rose market players will try to buy the J & P patents to continue the stock moving forward. I imagine Park Seeds would be partitioned off and another seed house would buy it or it just disappears.  There is a lot of repair to happen with the American Rose Consumer.

Poor decision making does not make you better at business. It just spends more money. They spent over a million bucks trying to figure out who they owed and untangling the corporate mess they created.

So, what does this mean for you (the consumer), it means there is one less rose grower on the market and the rose industry just lost a valuable resource. Hopefully it means we will not see tens of thousands of roses being thrown away because of lawyers and corporate wrangling.  Common sense really needs to come back into the business world.  It does not make sense to let plant material rot when it could be shipped out and sold to the consumer.  Figure out who owns what later, get the cash now.  It could have helped J & P bottom line this past spring.

See full story here.

I don’t know if we will carry traditional roses next year.  It is tough to compete with the Knockout or Drift Roses.  We have 50 Knockouts planted here in the parking lot and they look great even with the unsightly weather we are having.


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