Rain has finally arrived like a spring bride!

Well, we are super thankful for getting the rain we got last night.  I am sure it is the talk of the town.  I hope everyone got a little bit.  I know Luray & Stanley got 1/2 inch on Thursday evening.  We got over an inch here at the garden center.

We have sure had a busy week with chores.  Cleaning the greenhouses, grooming plants, planting plant plugs in bigger pots.  We got in two different kinds of sedums great for groundcovers and in between walkway stones.

We got in a new pallet of Vermont Slate Stone.  It is super smooth to the touch and tough as nails.

Scott decided we needed to get some order in the nursery yard.  So, we reorganized the entire back.  All the evergreens are in one spot, the Boxwoods are together again plus all of the deciduous trees are in the same section.  Easier to find and figure out what we actually have.

That’s all for now, I need to get some gourds planted on the fence since they are about 9 feet long!


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