Petey was here….

Petey is the resident Toms Brook Hummingbird that visits the garden center, will buzz your head if you are not careful and checks out what we have blooming for him.  Now we haven’t seen too much of his wife, Ethel lately but I am sure she is close by.  I didn’t name them, Lisa did and she told me I could not abscond with her hummingbirds.  But I am sure her husband doesn’t mind all of the honey bees hanging around here gathering pollen to make honey.  So, it is probably a fair trade!

It is exciting to see how all the pollinators are buzzing about in the pollinator garden here at the garden center.  Want to see what is in our g rden, come by and I will give you a personal tour.  It is amazing to see all of the insects doing their jobs.

The purple finches were carrying on a fuss today as the babies have hatched are eating lots!  The parents get quite upset if you get too close to the Giant Sequoia (thankfully it is behind a table!)  There have been many baby birds born here at the garden center this spring!  Amazing to see them twittering around attempting to fly!  I guess they are helping to keep the insect population down as well!


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