Where do you buy plant material?

Well, in the last two weeks, I have been told about two of our growers facing financial difficulty and this is a very sad situation.  These are businesses that have weathered many storms but this financial crisis may be what does them in.

As some of you know, Jackson & Perkins, has declared bankruptcy and they shut down operations in California.  What does this really mean to you, the consumer?  The rose market just got smaller and you might get your roses from Africa and not the US  growers we have become accustomed to – in the future.  It means a tremendous loss of jobs.  These are skilled laborers with a specific set of job skills, just can’t go out and get another job with another grower because you work for one of the biggest rose growers.

I got the phone call last Monday, “we will not be shipping you your roses this week.”  My response, “Excuse me?”.  Jackson & Perkins rep, “due to financial constraints, California growing operations have been shut down”.  Me, Floored.

So, in another email I got today, another grower we use extensively might be shutting its doors in June resulting in 335 people being layed off.  So, my pool of growers just got smaller.

We try very hard to get the very best quality at the best prices for everything we carry.  We want US made and grown first above all else.  We prefer Virginia Grown but there are cases where not one grower grows it here in Virginia.  So, the next time you cannot find the plant that you want, ask yourself, why?  Then ask yourself, can I substitute something else that is grown here.  Buy local = $$ stay here in our community!!

3/50 Project.  Check it out.  http://www.the350project.net/home.html  We participate on many levels.  First, if we don’t grow it, we will buy from local growers first.  We shop locally as well for our personal and business use.  We buy our T-shirts, magnets, etc in Winchester.  We buy our lumber at  our local lumber yard.  We buy our vegetable and annual plants from several growers within an hour away.  The majority of our trees and shrubs come from growers right here in Virginia which are family owned.  Try it the next time you need something.  Pick three locally owned businesses, spend $50 during the month between the three!!!


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