Tender Little Plants

We received our shipment of plugs this week and boy are they tiny.  Less than one inch square and they require a lot of water because they dry out so quickly because of their size.  Definitely reminds me of the bigger the pot, the less watering you might have to do.

There are over 1200 plants to be used in 10″, 12″ & some 14″ hanging baskets as well as 4″ & 6″ pots.  I am excited to get my hands dirty.

We have finished up almost all of our winter projects.  Only two more major ones to go. We are installing drip irrigation in the greenhouse and we need to get the floor cleaned.  Here is something fun for you to think about, we vacuum the greenhouse once every week or two.  One of our plant & supplies salesmen told me he had never heard of a garden center actually vacuuming their greenhouse.  I cannot imagine not doing so.  I want  everyone who walks through our doors to feel welcomed and want to stay and hang out even if it is just to say hello!!

That’s all for now, I am drooling over something fun for spring that I hope we get to do.  I will tell you if we do, better yet, you should come see it!



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