Combos Combos Combos

Yesterday, we picked out the new plants for spring annual combination baskets and containers.  There are so many choices, it was a little overwhelming but I had to keep the list short.  I could have picked one of everything.  We will have some amazing combinations for spring.

Now I am on the task of putting together our vegetables list.  Are there any special tomatoes, peppers, herbs, etc that you want us to grow or have available?  Just let me know and I will see what I can do to get them.


One thought on “Combos Combos Combos

  1. I order plants or start from seed all my tomatoes. I only grow heirlooms. Brandywines, (Sudduth strain), BW Black, BW Yellow, Old German, German Giant, etc. I can’t find an heirloom from Virginia. It’s called Old Virginia. I have some old seeds, but would really like to find some plants.

    Probably be visiting you soon. Happy Spring!



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