Back from MANTS Tradeshow

In order to get the latest and greatest and stay on top of new plants, products, and ideas, we go to trade shows, seminars, and other workshops.  Every January, one of the biggest landscape and nursery trade shows descends upon Baltimore.  We have been going for a number of years and this year was a good one.  What was interesting was there were some vendors I was looking forward to seeing were not there.  Surprised was the key here.  So, I made some phone calls and got to talk to the vendor and got our order taken care of.

We are working on new signage and labeling for each of the departments and pricing of products.  I am really excited about this year.  We have a year under our belts and have come up with some great ideas for workshops, signage, labeling, products, and so much more. 

We are 7 weeks away from opening on March 1st.  I am excited about spring.  There are some really amazing products we are going to be carrying and even growing.  Yes, we are taking the plunge.  There are plants especially natives that we want to have available but are not able to get them locally from our growers.  So, we are erecting a growing hoophouse and will have some spectacular perennials and grasses available. 

Plus I can finally get some storage.  I hope because I am truly lacking in that department.

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