Working on the October Schedule

This past week has been busy with getting projects done that should have been done months ago but never enough time. We did make time to get the irrigation system wired up on three of the zones. This cuts down on watering time and we are able to get an extra watering in per day which will help relieve the plants since we are running on empty in the rain department.

Next comes shade cloth for the greenhouse.  Amazing what a small investment does in cooling the greenhouse.  Should have had this up on Saturday for the seminar.  Know better now.  Speaking of seminars, we are working on our rest of the year schedule.

So far, October 10th, Think Spring, Think Bulbs.  (or Bulbs as Companion Plants).

Trees for shade, energy efficiency, curb appeal.

Pumpkin Carving – leave the mess here.  Compost or goat food with the pumpkins seeds, etc.

Wreathmaking – Learn how to make the wreaths like the Pros.  We will have custom wreath services available.  This service will be available year round – you can bring your greens for this!

If you have any ideas for seminars, please email me at with your suggestions.

Pumpkins to arrive this week, working on the most beautiful mums & pansies I have seen in a long time.


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