What’s going on?

Lots of fall chores to do at the garden center.  Cleaning is my biggest priority.  I want to look neat and cared for.  I pulled out some of the perennials and put them on sale that have been cut back or are done for the year like lilies and irises.

Today, I need to look in on the roses and dead head.  Put away all the stuff from the Living Roof Birdhouse Demo I did at the fair.  It was fun and peaked a few people’s interest.  I need a bigger display.  I am going to build one for the garden center so you can put your hands on it and really get the concept.

Ran some errands this morning while Timmy (our landscaping crew leader) stayed and did some watering and weeding.  Difficult to have the shop open and leave to get some errands done.  So, it is nice to have the help and relief sometimes.

Need to get the perennial order together today so it can be delivered by Friday for the big holiday weekend!!

Final note, nothing beats a german tomato sandwich!  Yummy!


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