The wonders of a good garden hose

We abuse garden hoses around here.  I have bought the expensive ones and the cheap ones, the ones that claim no kink (which is a lie – utter lie), won’t bust, break, etc.  Well, I am about to spend over $100 on a garden hose (DRAMM) I want it in orange though but honestly purple or blue would do me a bit better.  But orange is our color.

Anyhoo, in 4 months of everyday use, I have a 100 foot green hose (my most favorite) that is duct taped in two spots doesn’t have an on off switch because it will poof up between the layers so fat that you feel like it is going to explode.

Then, we have two black hoses with lifetime warranties, no kink clauses reads like a well versed lawyer that have blown out (literally) the watering end, shooting water in the air like 15 feet.

Then the trusty very heavy commercial grade hose in weird red orange that is did I mention HEAVY?  Well it is twisting at the end.

And then there is the last one, it is a good hose and lightweight, light green, but it kinks which drives me nuts but it is a 100 feet long and I can go everywhere with it. But it kinks, a lot.

So, the moral to the story? Invest in a good hose, you will not regret it.  Don’t waste money on a cheap, $5 hose because you will replace it more times and yell at it and stomp on it and just be plain frustrated on it.  Proper watering makes a successful gardener.  The other moral, get a pressure regulator because our well is just too powerful.


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