America’s Most Influential Farmer

Joel Salatin, who lives in Virginia and farms here very successfully is involved with a new movie called Food, Inc.  I do want to see it but when will I have the time.  Some day I will but in the meantime, if you want to learn a bit about a farmer and a mission, here you go.

Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm

He has written many a book and they are quite a good read especially if you want to learn more or know nothing about farming and the business as hand, food.  We all need it to survive and it is a good thing to know where your food comes from.  Buy local, Be Local.  It is hard to do but if you think about it, for every dollar spent with a locally owned company over 70 cents stays within the community but when you buy from larger, somewhere that is not here corporations, maybe 23 cents of that dollar will stay here and mostly that is wages.  Local businesses that support the local economy will survive and thrive!!

With all that, we surely do appreciate all of the support we have had from our customers.  I really do thank you for supporting us and having faith in our garden center.  It is so important that each person that walks through our doors knows how special and important they are to us.  It has been an amazing first 4 months and I cannot wait for the next 4.  Again, thanks.


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