Yes, it is July

We got in beautiful Crape Myrtles yesterday and they are just starting to bloom.  Impressive size and great color.

The weather here has been unseasonable.  I don’t recal a more mild summer.  I am actually surprised by the weather.  We are not in a drought but it isn’t raining buckets.  It is surprisingly cool in the mornings.  This is helping out here at the garden center because I am not watering as much as a super hot, dry summer.

We are working on mums, pansies for the fall plus Christmas Trees for December.  Trying to get all our ducks in a row and be prepared for the fall season.

Now is a good time to deadhead the perennials that are done and this might spark them to rebloom.  I went through yesterday and cut back some of the vines we have here for sale as they have been growing and they are not very saleable if they are all tangled up.  Much neater.

Come by and see us as we are open and fully stocked.


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