Organic Mechanics…..

Big question today which appeared in a post by a friend linking an article written in the Washington Post…is Organic following their own rules?

Basically, the rules are bended for some while others have to adhere strictly to the rules in place primarily those that are not “adding value” to their products like vegetable farmers for fresh markets.

Anyway, the point is – read the labels, do your research and choose what is best for you and your family.

Just because something is labeled organic does NOT mean there are no chemicals used in the production or growing of said product.  Organic producers are very much allowed to spray their crops with chemicals – the chemicals have to be labelled for organic use.  The chemicals cannot be synthetic, they have to be plant based or found in nature.  This included insecticides, fungicides, traps, etc.  Some of the most dangerous chemicals are organic.

Read your labels and follow the directions. Please.


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