What’s eating my plants….

Have had a few customers inquiring about what is eating their plants. When bringing in samples, please, please, please, put the samples with critters in a ziploc bag, sealed. I cannot stress this enough. We don’t want to introduce an unwanted insect into the nursery. Not fun to get rid of when we have a smorgasbord of plants for the critters to munch on.

With that said, we do have natural insecticides that will take care of the most common insects. VERY IMPORTANT: READ THE LABEL AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. More is not better, most of the time it is worse. Label your containers usid for spraying like measuring cups and keep them stored properly.

So, observe before picking up the latest insecticide to identify the situation. Bring in samples in sealed clear bags, and if you need anything, give us a ring.


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