Unusual Evergreens

The most unusual and too cool for words evergreens showed up today from the West Coast, the truck left on Saturday, March 28 and we were the first of two stops.  The second stop was in Leesport, Pennsylvania.  The driver was from the Ukraine and today marked his 7th anniversary in the United States.  See, legal immigration, does work!!

Anyway, at 745 am, I get a call from Andrew that he has locked his key to the stakebody in it and there are no additional keys.  Luckily, I had an extra one made a while back and had it for backup.

At 8 am, another phone call, only this time, it was “ah, there is a truck from Oregon here with the plants”.  The broker was suppose to call with 24 hours of advance notice but that didn’t happen and thankfully it was a rainy morning but the guys were suppose to go to a C & S client to tidy up and get ready for the next step in construction.  For three hours, we unloaded the truck and I checked off the inventory.  Very cool, nice specimens.

Probably the neatest, Larix, a deciduous weeping evergreen, wicked looking.  Scott wants one of everything to plant in our yard.


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