Power Windows

Today was a great day. Bob Rimol from Rimol Greenhouses came by to show us how to operate the ventilation system. He made adjustments to the vents, got the vents operating and showed us how to operate the entire system.  The roof tops open up to release all the hot air accumulating in the greenhouse.  The vents close when it is too windy or raining. We have a little weather station on top of the greenhouse. Now I have to figure out how to hook up the weather station to the internet and now we will have real time weather in Toms Brook, Virginia.

It sounds real simple but it took better part of an hour to fix all of the bugs and make it work.

The electricians finished up the final details of the electrical system, the final inspection for electrical is tomorrow.

Phone is kind of hooked up.  Anyway, we are very close to opening and I am super tired. It will be all worth it.



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