The living roof is done. We got the drainage fabric, the drainage plates (looks like a giant plastic sheet of egg carton with small holes, then the root barrier layer. The crane showed up and got the soil on top of the roof. Mr. Dennis Manuel did a great job in getting the super sacks on top of the roof. Then Scott & I struggled with getting the sedum mats on top of the roof. Yes, I was not thinking when I didn’t speak up and say why not use the crane to get the mats up on top of the roof. Instead we had to move them by hand into the skid steer then unload them by hand onto the roof. Each one weighed over 90 pounds each and about 4 feet long.

So, we get the plates down and we are getting to the edge, turns out the green roof company we got all the supplies from didn’t send enough supplies (the drainage plates).  What are we going to do? Turns out they figured the square footage at 320 instead of around 432 (18′ x 24′) less 1 foot on the 18′ length and 1/2 foot on the 24′. So, we found lava rock because it drains well, lightweight. Not as lightweight as the plastic but it will have to do. Hopefully it works and the building doesn’t fail.  Scary thought.

Things to change in the future.  Use the crane to move all heavy materials.  Install on a pitched roof unless you have roof access.  Figure out the material ourselves and ask for a set of plans or instructions for the roof.  I was not exactly pleased with the company we got the materials from, they designed it but acted like I was at fault for the miscommunications.  Okay, I have spent this much money with you and you don’t give any instructions with your product.  Go figure.  Oh well, it is over and we have learned a lot.


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