One more inspection under our belt, insulation and handicap accessible blocking for the grab bars.  The insulation company came and did a fabulous job. Caulked all the seams, joints, put puffy stuff (that’s a technical term) in the bigger air pockets.  It looks really great. So, I would definitely recommend Davenport Insulation out of Harrisonburg (Mt. Crawford), Ricky was one of the guys.  I need to get the other guys name but they did a great job.

Plus the office is almost sound proof from the road noise of Rt 11, which is in itself worth it.  I think they were there an hour.  Best money we have spent in a while and a really nice subcontractor.

Worked on the arbor today and it is moving along and will be done by tomorrow. The concrete will show up tomorrow afternoon for the edging (curb) for the paver walkway and handicap parking space so there is no migration of the pavers.  Going to take over 3 yards of concrete.

Lots of phone calls today, most of them I took care of which was good, and I am waiting on one to tell me we can have our big trees this week. Cross your fingers and toes and hope that they will show up.

Need a logo, anyone got one?


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