We need something falling out of the sky…

We need some precipitation, anything, to water the newly laid sod. It will take a day to water it and that is just annoying when all over the east coast, buckets of snow has fallen. So, I am hoping by morning that there is several inches of snow blanketing the ground and it isn’t so cold that we can’t work.

Talked with the annuals/vegetable grower and I am excited about getting their email. Emailed the fruit tree people and hope to hear back from them.  Emailed the grower in Oregon that Scott really loved to see what shipping will be like from them.  Scott made his wish list of plants from our local Virginia growers.  Can you say drooling over their selections.  He has made a clear list of the foundations plantings for the landscape at the garden center.

Post holes to be dug this week for the fence to keep the deer out. Hopefully there will be great success and we can move forward with the fencing. My dad has volunteered to build it and I am thankful for his help.  I know he has wanted to do more but this will be the greatest help and I am sure he will be gladly employed this spring when he is off on the weekends.

Okay, do a snow dance.


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