Handicap accessibility

We will be 100 percent ADA compliant when we are completed.  Today we spent figuring out the three grab bars for the public restroom as well as the blocking for the accessible sink (which means it is wall mounted without a vanity or legs)

There is a lot of work that goes into making the garden center accessible.  All of the grab bars had to be within a 3 inch clearance, so many inches from the finished floor, so many inches from the wall and toilet area, etc.  The toilet isn’t installed and the drywall isn’t up but we have to make sure the blocks of wood are there (albeit invisibly) so that when someone in the event of using the grab bar it doesn’t fall off the wall.

So, now I need someone to test out the accessibility of the garden center. I do believe it will be a nice touch to make it accessible for all.

Met with the insulation company and we are going for the flash insulation (spray foam 1/2 inch) with traditional fiberglass insulation.  We really wanted to do the cellulose with flash insulation but it will take 3 days to dry with the cold weather. That would put the drywall not being done until the 15th of March and then another week for plumbing and electrical to finish. That will put us at the 23rd of March for occupancy and for me, that is just pushing the date too far out.  So, we will be doing half green which is better than not at all. I think the living roof makes up for it a wee bit.

On a side note, I signed up for the rain barrel workshop and turns out we are on a waiting list. So, I am going to the train the trainer and invite them to do it at the garden center.  (In which I better get an email out to them)


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