Recycling, how important is it?

Recycling should be a no-brainer but still it becomes a chore.  I like to think that by recycling I am making my carbon footprint smaller and my oxygen feet bigger.  By not cutting down more trees to make paper and cardboard then I am helping to make our planet better.

Today was recycling cardboard day.  My backseat of my truck was full and we flattened all the boxes so it was easier for me to recycle at the Front Royal facility because they have the 4 inch by several feet wide hole.  Makes life a lot easier.

So, how much do you recycle?



One thought on “Recycling, how important is it?

  1. You know me, I recycle EVERYTHING! We have even been using some of the metal recycling plants we have around here for house stuff. My landfill footprint is practically NOTHING and I am so proud of it. YOU are part of what inspired me to live this way so thank you! 🙂

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