Long Week

Haven’t had a chance to update much this week. Lots has gotten done though. The sales counter is built and looks great. 2 coats of paint from previous projects and all but two pieces of plywood was from recycled materials. 2 x 4’s from the 6 x 6 arbor bracing. 2 x 6’s ripped down to create more 2 x 4’s from framing scraps. T-111 recycled from the outside of the office. Acrylic left over from the greenhouse. Yay for recycling. I am very proud of the counter.

The arbor looks fabulous. We have all of the 2 x 6 exterior perpendicular bracing and parallel bracing done, screwed and bolted. Started on the 2 x 4’s that will go horizontal across the 2 x 6’s. Scott worked on the 2 x 2’s that will hold down the 2 x 4’s with a nice finished detail (I will post pics tomorrow.)

Excavator (mini) showed up today for Scott to get some trenches done and the sidewalk dug out.

Timmy & Dave helped Andy move to Toms Brook today. Welcome to the Big Time. We have never had Andy so close and we are lucky for him moving so close to the garden center.

All but one door has arrived, the light fixtures have been delivered. Electricians start Monday. They better. Scott has more faith in them than I do but I preferred the one I picked.

Still no drywall company. Three companies only one written estimate. ARGH. How hard is it to try to give someone work. Plus it has taken the flashing company 2 weeks to respond. Don’t you think it is time to cut bait and fish some where else?


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