A bunch of sticks growing

A bunch of sticks growing

Today the winds were so great and it proved how sturdy the greenhouse really is, I would say the wind gusts were close to 50 mph.  Crazy creaking of the panels but no problems.

Met with the paver company for the sidewalk.  Should know more tomorrow as to the direction we are headed.  Either they are with us or not.  Plus another vendor stopped by.  Then the county stopped by because they have had “phone calls” about our soil & erosion control methods.  Not a bit of water/runoff has left the site.  And this without silt fence (it has been down for over a month).  We had some piles by the road that were debris, old brick, rock, etc.  Had them removed yesterday by our excavator contractor.  Chris (excavator operator), very cool guy and knew exactly what we needed done.  Wished we would have had him here all along.  Scott & Chris got along great and I think the will be good friends.

So, we are not in trouble with the county but we need to get all of the new planting beds covered in mulch within the next two weeks.  No problem, I will do it at 2 am on Thursday, any takers want to come help.

With all the visitors, not much got done on my end.  The wind was not conducive to working.  I did get to Lowe’s and returned some cedar that I got yesterday that was wrong.


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