Woke up to pretty snow

When everyone around here got up this morning, there was the most beautiful snow cover I have seen in a very long time.  We do get some extremely amazing winter weather “photo opportunities” and today was the tops.

So, we went to a greenhouse/nursery seminar today at Blue Ridge Community College in Weyer’s Cave, Virginia.  And for those of you who don’t know where that is, drive about 10 minutes south of Harrisonburg and you are there!

Met some really nice people and businesses that we need to buy product from. Good topics and information that I can use especially the talk on the perennials because I am flower nut.  Scott enjoyed the perennial talk as well but the irrigation & recycling were tops with him.

We will be ***fingers crossed*** be offering plastic pot and tray recycling at the garden center.  I found a company that can do it plus John from VT has some pretty exciting leads as well.

Learned a lot about recycling on the industrial level and where it ends up.

Back at the garden center, Andy & Dave got the base in for the floor, over 100 tons of gravel. Amazing.


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