Are we going to make it?

That is the big question.  Are we going to meet the deadline.  I would like to be open by April 1st but if we have to put it off until May 1st, I think that is doable.

Got another quote for the electrical a lot more reasonable and close to what I was thinking. Got another one to wait for, I think I am going to call them tomorrow to see where it is.

Today’s progress….I got the W2 forms done and in the mail along with the Social Security Administration forms as well.  Andy & Dave got the forms up and when I got there at noon, they weren’t completely done.  A little panic set in as the concrete was coming in an hour.  I started working on the gravel in the bottom and I got that going while Dave & Andy got the forms done on the south wall.  We are putting in a concrete “apron” around the base of the outside of the greenhouse. This will keep the floor (bricks) from moving and give us a spot for the knee wall to screw to.

Saturday, I went and picked up 6 pallets of Pine Hall Full Range Rumbled clay brick pavers.

Sunday, now all the days are running together.  I do know this….the roof on the office is up, waiting on the living roof material to show up this week.  Some of it came today, the “soil” aka media is coming Tuesday.  The plywood is on the roof, the rim boards are nailed up and the roof is caulked.  There is one leak and that will be fixed when the living roof materials actually go up but that is pretty good for as cold as it was when the caulking was done.  Almost freezing.

Tomorrow we are going to a seminar and hopefully going to meet some wholesalers where we can get some locally grown plants and veggies.  Looking forward to it but it is over an hour away.

37 degrees when I left garden center at 530 pm and the ground was snow covered.  When I got home it was 32 degrees and still snowing. Now we have over an inch of snow.


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